Dr. Diego A. Moreno-Fernández

Dr. Diego A. Moreno-Fernández (Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, University of Granada, Spain, 2000), Staff Scientist at CEBAS-CSIC (Spanish National Research Council), in the Phytochemistry Lab, Department of Food Science and Technology, Research Group on Quality, Safety and Bioactivity of Plant Foods. Previous positions were as postdoctoral associate in CEBAS-CSIC (2005-2007, I3P-CSIC and ‘Ramon y Cajal’ Contract), and in Raskin Lab at Rutgers University (NJ, USA, 2001-2004, Spanish MECD grant and Rutgers Contracts). Current research interests and scope, focused on foods of plant origin and evaluation and optimization of agronomical conditions, processing and shelf-life parameters, to obtain highly nutritious and phytochemically-enriched foods (glucosinolates, polyphenolics, minerals, vitamins, etc.), designing and executing integrated studies from plants to food, nutrition and health. Author and coauthor of more than 125 papers in scientific journals (S.C.I.; Scopus-ID 56962713400, h-index 29), Ph.D. adviser, and scientific coordinator and researcher in many competitive projects from National and Regional S&T agencies in Spain as well as participating in international programs (EU, Latin-America, etc.). The current projects of R&D and innovation are focused on the development of new functional ingredients and beverages enriched in bioactive phytochemicals with health-promoting effects on energy metabolism and cognitive decline (inflammation, glucose and lipid metabolism, cognitive performance) studying composition, bioavailability, metabolism and bioactivity.