Comparative Study and Analysis of Proximate Compositions and Some Mineral Contents in Natural and Artificial Honey from Ogun State, Nigeria

Samuel Adeolu Olugbemi, Oluwasegun Amos Amoniyan, Omolola Myriam Balogun

Page: 1-8
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Cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa) Leaf Powder Modulates Metabolism of Maize Weevil Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Tange Denis Achiri, Eta Carine Agbor, Ateh Marie Anye, Assan N. Abdulai, Divine Nsobinenyui, Mamudou Jallow

Page: 9-17
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Development and Quality Evaluation of Ready to Serve (RTS) Beverage from Banana Pseudo Stem

K. Buvaneshwari, G. Sashidevi, G. Hemalatha, R. Arunkumar

Page: 32-42
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Fungal and Aflatoxin Contamination of Smoke Dried Catfish and African Bush Mango Seeds (Ogbono) Sold in Markets in Selected Processing Zones in Benue State, Nigeria

Tersoo-Abiem, Evelyn Mnguchivir, Idoko, Blessing Onyejeche, Gwadza, Patience Msendoo

Page: 43-51
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Sensory Evaluation of Ugali Prepared from Blends of Cereal Flours and High Quality Cassava Flour in Mwanza Region, Tanzania

E. M. Kitunda, M. L. Kasankala, C. M. Cyprian, E. E. Towo, D. G. Mushumbusi, P. W. Meghji

Page: 52-59
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Effect of Processing Methods on the Proximate and Mineral Compositions in Groundnuts for Consumption

Oluwasegun Amos Amoniyan, Samuel Adeolu Olugbemi, Omolola Myriam Balogun, Basirat Omotayo Salako

Page: 87-93
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Phytochemical Characterization of Herbal Tea from Oranges Peels (Citrus sinensis var Blonde) Marketed in Abidjan

Koffi Kouame Assamoa, Assa Rebecca Rachel Epse Yao, Fofie N’Guessan Bra Yvette

Page: 116-125
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BRRI dhan80: High Yielding Jasmine Type Aromatic Rice Variety for Wet Season of Bangladesh

Md. Abdul Kader, Tamal Lata Aditya, Ratna Rani Majumder, Tapas Kumer Hore, Md. Ehsanul Haq

Page: 126-137
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Garden Cress Seeds a Promising Alternative for the Development of Nutrient Dense Muffins

Josephine John, Varsha Rani, Veenu Sangwan, . Sonia, . Reena

Page: 138-146
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Nutritional Profile of Pleurotus geesteranus from Different Harvests

N’zué Kouadio Christian Oka, Aissatou Coulibaly, Adam Camille Kouamé, Yao Denis N’dri, N’guessan Georges Amani

Page: 147-154
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Comparative Proximate Nutraceutical Study of Poor Man’s Pulse, Horsegram [Macrotyloma uniflorum] with the Other Common Legume Crops: A Review

Sumeet Parkash Kaundal, Rahul Kumar

Page: 18-31
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Coronavirus and Nutrition: An Approach for Boosting Immune System-A Review

Lusamaki Mukunda François, Wabi Bajo Nagessa, Buhendwa Mirindi Victor, Mosisi Moleka, Irene Stuart Torrié De Carvalho

Page: 72-86
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