Quality Evaluation of Tea Brewed from Blends of Soursop (Annona muricata) and Moringa (Moringa oleifera) Leaves

Adanma C. Innocent-Ukachi, Ugochi C. Onukwugha

Page: 1-15
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Studies on the Mineral Compositions and Organoleptic Properties of Fermented and Extruded Ripe Plantain and Groundnut Blend

T. L. Ajayi-Choco, A. O. Ojokoh

Page: 16-23
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Household Food Insecurity and Associated Dietary and Socio-economic Factors among Pregnant Women of Mid-west Bangladesh

Israt Jahan, Fardib Mahbub, Eyad Ahmed

Page: 24-30
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Elemental Study of Common Iced Fish Species Sold in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria

V. B. Simpson, Aliboh, Uche

Page: 31-42
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Snack Consumption Pattern of Adults in the University of Calabar & its Health Implications

Eridiong O. Onyenweaku, Gregory E. Oko, Winifred A. Fila

Page: 43-49
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Prevalence of Insulin Resistance among Cigarette Smokers in Sokoto Metropolis

Saheed Ladipo Kakako, Taofeeq Oduola, Muhammad Kabiru Dallatu, Hauwa Bako, Chidi Ugwuoke, Ali Isah Ali

Page: 50-55
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Information-seeking Behaviour of Women Regarding Food Related Health and Hygiene Practices

Loveleen Kaur, Sukhjeet Kaur, Preeti Sharma

Page: 56-63
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Pasting Properties of Flour Blends from Water Yam, Yellow Maize and African Yam Bean Seeds

C. E. Kalu, I. C. Alaka, F. C. Ekwu

Page: 64-71
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Effect of Watermelon Rind (Citrullus lanatus) Addition on the Functional, Pasting and Microbiological Quality of Sorghum Based Mumu

Stephen T. Gbaa, Samuel A. Ahemen, Christiana O. Ameh

Page: 72-83
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Breastfeeding Practices and Associated Factors among Mothers of Children Aged 6-23 Months in Konduga Local Government Area, North East Nigeria

Adewale M. Adejugbagbe, Ikeoluwapo O. Ajayi, Olubunmi P. Oki

Page: 94-103
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